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Residential Training

We conduct residential driving instructor training courses in Blackpool.

The training is spread over two separate weeks. The two weeks do not run consecutively, there is a period of time between week one and week two which is designed to give you sufficient time to study, practice and pass the first two DVSA ADI entrance examinations before attending for your Part 3 training on the second week.

You only need to pay for each week separately, a small deposit is required to book your first weeks training with the balance payable prior to attending.

This method of driving instructor training is ideal for those people who want to train to become a driving instructor over a very quick period and therefore to be in a position to apply for any earlier ADI tests.

Week 1 consists of practical in-car ADI training to prepare you sufficiently to sit the DVSA ADI entrance examinations known as Part 1 and Part 2.

Week 2 consists purely of practical in-car instructional ability training to prepare you sufficiently to sit the DVSA ADI Part 3 entrance examination.

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The ADI residential instructor training course is a total of 50 hours practical training spread over two separate weeks, with 25 hours of driving instructor training on each week. The training course can either be conducted from Monday to Thursday, or over a long weekend from Friday to Monday.

Your ADI Trainer will pick you up from your hotel shortly after breakfast and deliver you back to your hotel later in the afternoon. The ADI training will be split into a morning and an afternoon session with a one-hour lunch break arranged.

The total cost of the residential driving instructor training course includes, ADI training materials, ADI training folders, lesson plans and lesson plan audio tape recordings.


For more details about the two-week residential driving instructor training course including: - How to book - available dates - training course fees - payment details etc you will need to speak directly to the company director Iain Smith on 01253 734736 or mobile number 07789072422

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