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ADI Training Courses


Once you have decided that you want to train to become a driving instructdriving_instructor_training_coursesor your first step is to arrange a free assessment and interview so that we can assess your current skills and your suitability to the job of an Approved Driving Instructor. This meeting is your chance to ask us any questions about how to become a driving instructor, the training course and your career prospects. The assessment will normally be held at our driving instructor training centre and takes about one hour. We will assess your theory knowledge of driving by asking you 10 sample ADI questions, you will then go for a short drive with your trainer who will look very closely at both your current driving style, skills and attitude. Finally we will look at your ability to teach, you will be asked to teach a simple driving technique to your trainer who will role-play a typical learner driver. You will also be advised as to what the DVSA want as to the general character of an ADI and whether you will need to alter yours in anyway.

This Assessment is totally free and is conducted in a friendly and informal way. Please feel free to come along with a friend or partner if you wish as we believe that it is vital for you to understand as much as possible about how to become a Driving Instructor.

Please note that this assessment is in no way conducted as a sales pitch and you will not be asked or required to make any decisions about your future, it is purely for your benefit to get to know us and for us to be allowed to give you an honest assessment as to your suitability. We promise to answer all of your questions thoroughly and honestly and upon your successful assessment we will supply you with a written guarantee with details of the self employed vacancies available at either Preston Driving School Ltd, Students Driving School or Quick-Pass. We can also give you advice as to how to set up your own driving school.

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Driving Instructor training courses can be arranged in three ways:

  1. Part-time "pay as you go" courses that are conducted at a rate of £30 per hour.
  2. Full-time intensive course that can be arranged over two separate weeks.
  3. Residential training course held in Blackpool over two separate weeks.


    Based on the hourly rate of £30 per hour.

    This method of ADI training is ideal for people who wish to train to be an ADI at convenient times around their current jobs.
    ADI training is usually arranged in two-hour sessions over a period of weeks.
    Please note that this training is on a one to one ratio and the amount of ADI training is determined by how quickly you reach the required standard. Most people that we train take between 30 to 50 hours of practical training to become a driving instructor. This equates to approximate ADI training fees of around £900 to £1500 depending on how quickly you can learn the necessary skills.


    Based on the hourly rate of £30 per hour.

    This course is ideally structured for people who wish to train to be a driving instructor over a lot quicker period and therefore will be able to apply for earlier exam dates. The full ADI training course is spread over two separate weeks. It is however possible to be shortened or varied for people who are already partly trained.


    The ADI courses are held weekly and are arranged over two separate weeks. This type of ADI training is ideal for people who live in all areas of the country and who may wish to train to be a driving instructor over a very quick period. This will then allow you to apply for earlier ADI examinations.

    For more details please see the page headed ‘Residential Training

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