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What to be aware of

As a professional driving instructor training centre we feel quite sad that we have had to print a page warning you of the danger of you being persuaded to part with large sums of money by some driving instructor training companies. Obviously you need to pay for the training to become a driving instructor, however in our experience we find that most people do not understand how complex and difficult it is to become a driving instructor. Some people have very little idea about how to choose an ADI training company or an ADI trainer.

Be aware of certain advertising methods and practices that are regularly used by some driving instructor training companies, their adverts may say "Driving Instructors urgently required" with earnings of between 30k to 40k per annum, often with a company car supplied and that all you need to do is take a driving instructor training course with them, some may say that they want you to work for their new ‘fastest growing’ driving school. Others state that they could place you with a national driving school. The adverts may make it seem relatively easy to become a driving instructor. What you are often not told is that you will most likely have to pay a large amount of money out of your earnings to pay for the car and pupils usually in the form of a franchise. As for getting work with a large national company the truth is that you can probably just call them yourself after qualifying.

If an advertisement states that they have ‘helped' thousands of people to become a driving instructor in just a few years, this could just mean that they have spoken to thousands on the telephone or thousands have visited their website, it doesn't necessarily mean that all of them have been trained and qualified. Some companies may say that they will get you lots of work and if they don't they will repay you all of your driving instructor training course fees, this could also mean that you may be required to work for them for one year after qualifying and most likely have to pay them a hefty weekly franchise fee during that time, so in reality you are paying them a lot of money for a complete year so that they can repay you a lot smaller amount back at the end of the year. More than likely you will break the contract by phoning them up to ask them to come and pick up their car rather than pay them for the remainder of the contract.

It is easy to play with figures and a common ploy is to inflate the normal learner driver hourly rate and also the number of hours each pupil takes in learning how to drive, be realistic, there is a lot of competition within the learner driving world, ask yourself how much you would pay and how long would you take to learn to drive.

Take the advice of the DVSA. They advise you to read the ADI 14 (Your road to become a Driving Instructor) in there they ask you to check things out very carefully, also to ask questions and get your answers in writing before signing anything or paying out for a complete training course. Ask yourself why do they put this in bold print in a government booklet?

If you are asked to pay out a large sum of money in advance for the whole of your driving instructor training course including your ADI exam fees and your ADI registration payment you should wonder why they require all this money in one go. You might ask why in particular they need your exam fees and registration payment paid to them, as it is just as easy for you to pay these to the DVSA when they are required. If you decide not to continue with your instructor training or fail a practical exam three times would you get your money back? Remember if you hand over all your money it may feel like you have lost the control.


If something looks too good to be true - don't be fooled as in life it usually is.

Learn to read between the lines of any advertising or sales talk.

Promises of your earnings are not promises of your profit.

Nobody supplies you with a free car. Think? Only fresh air is free in this world.

A promise of a job with a large national driving school is often a franchise. (There is a difference)

If you are told that your driving instructor training is unlimited and you will be trained until you qualify, remember that you only get three lives at the practical ADI exams and then you would need to wait up to two years before starting all over again. How many people start all over again is likely to be very few indeed.

A fantastic website that is all singing and dancing may only mean that they have a fantastic web designer.

Websites that comes to the top of Google searches may just mean that they are on sponsored listing and paying Google large sums of money.

Remember the saying "If in doubt - don't pay out”

The above advice above is only meant to assist you in your decision in how to become a driving instructor and what to look out for.

To become a driving instructor is a fantastic achievement, its a great job and a very worthwhile career.

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